University of Mead

What is University of Mead?

During Summer 2 the University of Mead will be open once a week, on Friday afternoon, between 1.30-2.50pm. 

The children in years 2-6 will choose which degree they would like to work towards. 

Children will be able to work with other pupils across their phases.

There will be a ‘graduation’ ceremony on the last Friday.

Why do we do this?

Pupil choice  – We believe that it is a vital for children to have the autonomy to make choices about their learning and to take pleasure in learning something new. 

Mead’s curriculum – We believe that our Mead pupils are entitled to a wide range of opportunities and a personalised curriculum. 

Celebration – We believe that we should be celebrating the skills, gifts and talents of all pupils. 

Challenge – We believe that we should offer enrichment that provides challenge for all learners (basic, advanced and deep understanding) .

Teachers choice – Teachers should be given opportunities to teach their passion how they would like to teach.