Our Vision, Values and The Mead Creed

Our Vision

  • No pupil’s educational success should be limited by their socio-economic background.
  • Our pupils should be reading confidently by 6 so that they can access a rich curriculum.
  • We work closely with our community to achieve high standards in all we do.

Our Values

  • We are resilient and reflective learners.
  • We take responsibility and try our best in every aspect of life.
  • We show respect to everyone. 

The Mead Creed

Our children have five very important rules which they follow. These help shape them into good citizens and to make the most of their ability inside and outside school.

1. Follow instructions.

2. Speak and listen politely.

3. Work quietly, stay on task.

4. Use kind words, kind hands, kind feet and kind faces.

5. Look after our property and environment.