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Our aim at Mead is to provide a safe and happy environment in which children can flourish, both academically and socially. Our dedicated staff work closely with families and the wider community to ensure that the children’s educational experience is a positive one. We appreciate that a primary school forms the hub of the local community and take this responsibility seriously.


  • No pupil’s educational success should be limited by their socio-economic background
  • Our pupils should be reading confidently by 6 so that they can access a rich curriculum
  • We work closely with our community to achieve high standards in all we do

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  • Our pupils take responsibility for turning up to school, on time every day
  • Our pupils take responsibility for doing their very best in every lesson
  • Our pupils show politeness and kindness to everyone that they meet

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Parents - Remote Education Information
Year 5&6 Celebration Assembly
Monday 29th November

Friday 26th November
LKS2 Celebration Assembly
Friday 26th November
Weekly Newsletter - 26/11/21- Important Information
Friday 26th November
Celebration Awards
Friday 26th November

Thursday 25th November