At Mead, a scientist is someone who asks questions and observes to gain knowledge about the world around them.

It is our intention to recognise the importance of Science in every aspect of daily life and have a strong understanding of the world around us. We intend to build a Science curriculum which develops learning and results in the acquisition of knowledge and build a Science curriculum which enables children to become enquiry based learners.


  • Specialist vocabulary and concepts are taught and developed. Children also learn about important scientist and their achievements.


  • Scientific enquiry skills are embedded in each topic the children study and these topics are revisited and developed throughout their time at school.


Key concepts are reinforced through hands-on activities, so that pupils learn to use a variety of approaches to answer relevant scientific questions. The children participate in experience days and workshops to enhance and engage the learning from the classroom.

Science in action

At mead we adopt the enquiry based approach to learning. We believe that the children learn best through hands on experience. We aim for each science lesson to include one practical element where the children can question, observe, measure and classify to help strengthen their scientific knowledge.

Science Policy

Science LTP overview

Curriculum Mapping and Progression of skills

Celebrating Science