A Mead geographer is curious about the world around them in a fun, meaningful and intriguing way. They develop a positive relationship with the natural world where they are encouraged to discover, explore and risk take.


Our pupils will gain a coherent knowledge and understanding of the world around them.


By the end of EYFS: The children would have explored their immediate surroundings and understood their place in the local area as well as start to communicate geographically.

By the end of KS1: The children would have begun to grasp the concept of the wider world by discovering the continents and oceans. They would have explored the United Kingdom and contrasted it with another country and also investigated patterns and change. 

By the end of KS2: The children would have secured their understanding of the world around them and identified what their place is in it as well as started to recognise that they have  responsibilities as an inhabitant of Earth. They would  have revisited all key concepts, but at a deeper level. Map skills are consolidated and important global topics (such as climate change) are discussed. 


The children are able to use these skills whilst carrying out Fieldwork where they get to experience first hand different environments linking to the topics they are learning about. 

Long Term Plan

Celebrating Geography