Forest School

The Learning Federation aims to use its natural outdoor woodland area to offer the children an insight into the Forest School ethos. This approach to outdoor learning encourages children to become independent, use their imagination, take appropriate risks within boundaries and initiate learning for themselves. Forest School offers a holistic approach, incorporating children’s individuality and develops their skills for lifelong learning. Forest School explores the outdoors and the natural environment with practical, useful activities, building upon emotional and spiritual aspects of learning where self-esteem and self-confidence can grow and positive relationships with peers can be formed.

The school’s five universal aims of the Child Protection Policy are also key objectives in the Forest School ethos.

Be healthy: Forest School sessions offer the chance for children to become physically, mentally and emotionally healthier.

Make a positive contribution: Lessons include methods for developing positive relationships, self-confidence and a feeling of self-worth.

Enjoy and achieve: It is important that the child enjoys all Forest School sessions as high levels of engagement are key to learning.

Stay safe: Safety is paramount. Sites used for Forest School sessions are within the school grounds and are checked before activities commence. Risk assessments for the site and activities are completed. There are separate policies for working with fires and tools.

Achieve economic well-being: Forest School aims to equip the children with the tools needed for adult life through increased communication, effectively working with peers and building up a feeling of independence.

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