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All children may experience some difficulties in learning from time to time. However, some children do need extra help. The school is fortunate to have the assistance of support staff who are able to give help to children who have more severe difficulties. Some of this support is given in the classroom, working with groups of children but in some instances the child may be withdrawn from the class for extra help.

Our special needs co-coordinator is Miss Calitz. She may wish to contact parents, or parents may wish to contact her from time to time. This is nothing to worry about because it will be of benefit to the child. Mr Chris Kent has been nominated as the school Governor with special regard to special needs children. This is in accordance with the 1994 Act.

Any complaint about special educational provision should be referred to the Headteacher. The Headteacher will investigate and will contact you within 5 school days. If she has not resolved the matter to your satisfaction it will be referred to the special needs governor who will consider the complaint at the next governors’ meeting and will contact you within 5 school days from the date of that meeting.